10 Pass Ford VAN.

Are you in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, and looking to add real luxe to your upcoming social events or Perhaps you hope to see the city and surrounding areas in style with your family. These are perfect experiences our ten-passenger Ford vans can give you when you desire an undeniable luxury.

We’ve got knowledgeable and friendly drivers that will patiently answer your questions if you desire to drive around the city.

Customizable Experience

Aside from the comfortable space this luxurious 10 Passenger Van has to offer, it comes with an interior decor that will leave you a truly lasting impression. The installed features include

A leather-style interior. An iPod docking station.

On-board bars (within the seats). Neon lighting accents.

Disco features on the floor and the ceiling. fiber optic technology.

There is much you can choose from. With many vehicles at our disposal and whatever your need is, kindly contact us at your convenience to learn more.


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