What Should You Do When the Chauffeur Is Late to Pick You Up?

Chauffeur Is Late to Pick You Up

In the corporate world, folks are always hectic and busy. They have tight time to spare. As such, more and more people are getting accustomed to the idea of hiring our chauffeur-driven cars to get them around especially when attending high profile events, parties, meetings and weddings. In particular, limousines our limos as they are popularly known, are held in high regard when it comes to the choice of car to hire since they are elegant, classy and stylish. This has seen a rise in the number of Chauffeur-driven limos for hire though these still can’t keep up with the market needs. This is the evident as most limousine drivers now have long booking lists.

Unfortunately, this has also had its shortcomings. The quality of service has gone wrong a notch with the Chauffeurs often picking their passengers late sighting “traffic jam” amongst the other excuses. These excuses, however, are no use to those hiring. They do not change the fact that you are bound to be late yet you still end up paying the driver or the company and that is not the least bit fair. I always asked myself, What if I let the driver take me to my destination and when we get there, and I turn to him and say “Look, it has been a really bad month for me and I haven’t been paid yet.” He would be probably furious enough to run me over. This is why a liberal minded person would not waste his/her time waiting for a late chauffeur.

So, what should you do when the chauffeur is late to pick you up?

  1. You could call a cab and get to where you are going. You can always sort it out later with the limo driver
  2. If you cannot get a cab, call a friend who lives nearby and get them to drop you there.
  3. Call the limo company and have them get you a different limo to pick you up and re-negotiate the lower price due to the inconvenience.
  4. If you fail to go to your destination, you should definitely follow issue up with your lawyer as it is a breach of a contract.

It is important that you don’t get late for that meeting. Do not miss that flight or interview and most definitely your date or wedding because of the Chauffeur’s mistake. Find a way to get by this setback before you get to deal with the driver or company involved. After all worry only wastes more time.

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