Tipping South Florida Limo Drivers

Tipping South Florida Limo Drivers

Like any other services, you are also eligible to tip limo driver in limo service. Tipping a service provider like Fort Lauderdale limo service is a common practice, especially when you feel satisfied on receiving such great service from your chauffeur. There is no exact rule in giving the tips. People do not have to be satisfied with service. Sometimes, tipping is merely an expression of gratitude. Even those who provide bad service are sometimes given tip.

Speaking about the limo driver, the focus is on the deserved tips. It is important to understand how much you should tip a limo chauffeur. If you think that it has to do with how the industry works, you are right. Let’s take a look at the position of limo chauffeur.

Limo chauffeur is hired to be working in the customer service division. A driver or chauffeur helds responsibility to drive the vehicle. Their time is dedicated to drive the customers to certain venues or locations with comfort and safety. They have to do it in appropriate manners and meet the deadlines professionally.

A professional chauffeur who deserves to get tip is measured by how he works, behave and care his clients. The caring chauffeur will pay special attention to every single details. In South Florida, the average salary for a limo chauffeur $40,000 a year. That will depend on certain variables like locations, company rates, client’s requirements, and so on. That means a professional limo chauffeur makes around $12 per hour. This can be considered as high wage. However, most chauffeurs always look for additional income.

The very first step to tip the limo driver is by making sure that it is not included in the bill. If the tip is included in the bill of limo rental, then you are not obligated to give the tip more. Actually, it is your discretion to tip chauffeur although the gratuity tip is already included in the rental bill. But again, it will depend on the service delivered by the chauffeur. You as the customer has your own judgement on how the things going on when enjoying the service. If you think that his service is above average, then 10% tip is a good percentage. You can also give 15% if you think that his service is way beyond expectation.

In all scenarios, limo service tend to be higher than taxi service in quality. That’s why there is no exact formula in measuring how much tip you will give. It is on your own discretion.

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