Is limousine service the most expensive transportation?

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Contrary to popular belief that Fort Lauderdale Limo services are always expensive, the right amount of planning can drastically, and for a good measure, reduce the costs that you incur while you rent a limousine.

There are a few things that are to be considered before opting for a limousine service. What you must understand is the fact that the requirements are generally overestimated, and hence the extra charge incurred in the form of surcharges.

Primarily, one needs to understand the full cost of hiring a limousine. Not only does it include the hourly cost of the vehicle, extra taxes according to the area are added to the same, and in most cases, gratuity for the limousine driver is also excluded from the price that is on display. If there is an excess of fuel used, surcharges to the tune of about 10 percent might also be levied, taking the cost up a significant amount. Hence, the first step would be to calculate exactly what the limousine is required for, and how long it would be used. For example, a limousine costing about 45$ per hour base rate, used for about 3 hours would cost you about 135$ for the vehicle. Gratuity charges must be in the range of 15 to 20 percent of the base price, since the limousine driver is entirely responsible for the vehicle from the moment it is picked up, be it for cleaning, or getting the limousine to your location, or any such activities to maintain the vehicle. Assuming an average of about 5 percent taxes in a state, and no surcharges on fuel, your final bill would be in the range of 165 – 175$, assuming that you’ve planned correctly.

Let us assume a case where you’ve exceeded the fuel limit, and you’ve left it in a mess. The surcharges incurred would be to the tune of about 10 percent, and automatically, your gratuity will go up, since you have to pay the driver extra for having to clear out the limousine for the next passenger, and this would be in the range of about 30 – 40 percent. Taking that into account, you would have to pay out about 200 – 220$ for the same limousine.

Here are a few precautions that you could take to ensure you have a very smooth experience with hiring a limousine

  1. Estimate the number of people you might require the vehicle for. A sedan for 1 – 4 people will definitely cost lesser than a limousine van for about 8 people. You would not want to cramp people into a limousine that cannot fit so many, thus causing inconvenience not only to yourself, but to everybody else
  1. Book well in advance. Last minute reservations during peak seasons might incur very expensive costs. Try booking well in advance to make most of the lower prices that are available.
  1. Have a contract. This is important, for you might incur hidden costs for any unexpected or unplanned event. It is better to take this into account while you hire a service
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