3 Fun Facts about A Limo

Facts about Limo

Limousines are different in style, modell, size and even color. The stretch limo is basically related to a luxury lifestyle. Considering that these long beasts have been around for over a century, they have accumulated a number of funny facts on the way. These classy cars have accumulated a long history on the way. They are used for sought of luxury activities one could ever think of. Here follows the 3 fun facts about limousines.

The Origin

One of the fun facts about a limo originates from its name. There is a legend that the design of the initial car was from an inspiration from a sought of protecting hood. This hood was worn by shepherds in the limousin region of France. There is also an assumption that one of the designers of the car was French and he named the car as limousine. There is lack of concrete evidence to support this claim, the story though has stood up and for most automobile historians they believe this version to be real. This legend has stood over the time.

The first vehicle using AC system

Believe it or not, limo was the first type of vehicle to use the air conditioning system. This was expensive and inefficient. The first modern air conditioning was manufactured by the Packard Motor Car Company. In 1939 the first air conditioners were built for Chicago and Fort Lauderdale Limo . The next year the first car with air conditioning was released. During this period air conditioning was optional. It costs an average of $275 if the clients choose to install it. The system was not efficient. Air conditioners were installed into the limos about 20 years before the mass production of sedan cars.

The Longest Limo

Another fun fact is that the longest ever built limo was 100 feet long. Due to its large size the limousine had 26 wheels spread out along its body. For it to turn, the middle part was usually split up and hinged. This made it to folkd when a turn was made. It was created for the advertisement purpose. Due to its display a lot of people wanted to rent the car. It was whitish and it was often featured in movies and a lot of shows. The Guinness book of record once recorded its uniqueness. It was equipped with various amenities that could only be found in luxury houses. It had a Jacuzzi, hot tub, and even air conditioning compressor. It was thus marked as the world’s longest limousine and its record has not been beaten since. The length of this car always amazed curious onlookers.

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