Should I Tip Limo Drivers?

Customers who are satisfied with certain types of services may give tips to the service providers. It is a common practice in the society. If you are receiving such nice service, you will want to pay more.

In the Fort Lauderdale limo service case, tips can be a great way to express your gratitude. Tips are given if working over is noticed or the customers are more than just satisfied. In this case, it is important to understand how much you should tip your limo driver. It is also important to acknowledge of how the limo industry works. Chauffeur is a professional driver and drive for living. They are bound with the company rules and should stick to the SOP to deliver excellent service.

A good chauffeur who is deserved to be tipped is one who has work ethics, work hard, and pay special attentions on every customer’s’ needs. Depending on the agencies, an average salary of a professional chauffeur is $40,000. A limo driver makes roughly $12 per hour. It is higher than other working jobs. However, some chauffeurs don’t reject any tip to add incentives.

Speaking about this matter, you need to keep in mind that certain companies have different rules about tipping the limo driver. Some have included the tip fees onto the bill, some don’t. Basically, it is always customer’s’ discretion to tip chauffeur. Even if the tip fees are included in the bill, it is customer’s right to add more tips. Meanwhile, ones which not include tips in the bill, customers must be more aware of this occurrence. Giving tips can be the best appreciation to your chauffeur. You will be remembered as good customer. The next time you use the same service, everything will go smoother. If you want to give a gratitude tips, 10% should be enough and appropriate for all chauffeurs. If you are being generous, 15% should be good.

Limo chauffeurs deliver the high-end services which will guarantee the first-class transportation experience for passengers.

In many cases limo service can be very expensive compared to the conventional means of transportation. However, the quality of rides are totally better. You will travel in comfort and style. Giving tips is one of the most effective ways to build connection between you and the limo agencies. It helps both you and limo agencies in dealing the activities regarding the limo rental. If you think that your chauffeur make you happier with the services, don’t hesitate to give him more tips.

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    Im glad to read this article before i hire their service. Thank you so much

  • Aisha Chalabi

    i am so happy that this blog has so much information before hiring super Florida limo limousine rental

  • Noder G.

    Some years ago I worked as a chauffeur of limousine (on Lincoln Town Car’s base) in Moscow. So my income was whole a lot bigger…) But I didn’t knew anything: in what time i have to go work, where I will to go, what passengers… I don’t knew anything. But it was compensated by many very well.
    Sorry for my English – it isn’t my native language.

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